Taina Otsamo

Taina Otsamo is a Finnish rug designer, who graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Oulu 1991 and has since been working in her studio in Lumijoki in Oulu region designing and weaving an own collection of ryijy-rugs.

After graduation from highschool and one year in the United States as an exchange student, she lived for ten years in other Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Those years she took courses in Art and Handicraft, croquis drawing and printing canvas, while working in Hospitals, Offices, Dressmakers and so on. She also took one year in Teachertraining in Gothenburg.

Apart from working in her studio she teaches weaving and ryijy-rug sewing in Lumijoki.




Studio Taina Otsamo |  Varjakankuja 9, 91980 Lumijoki, FINLAND |  +358 44 505 2258 | e-mail: